Management Team

Marc Biron
Founder and CEO
Marc is the founder and CEO, and directly responsible for all sales and marketing for HDC.

Prior to founding HDC, Marc was a risk management and finance executive at Citizens Financial Group - a super-regional bank. He also successfully founded and ran two small entrepreneurial businesses, including a private practice financial services consulting business.

While he was a Treasury portfolio manager at Citizens Bank, early in his career, Marc developed a ground-breaking trading system that generated millions of dollars in added profits. Also at Citizens, Marc sensed that they had been significantly over-billed by one of their largest financial partners; on his own initiative, he identified the problem and recovered $27M that had been owed to the bank for several years.

While consulting for a client in the manufactured housing industry, Marc contacted Warren Buffet to suggest that one of his portfolio companies, one of the largest home credit companies in the US, make an innovative change to their credit policy. Marc worked with the company's CEO to implement the change, and the result was a doubling of sales for his client, dramatically reduced loss severity for the credit company, and because of their lower credit risk - approximately a 1/3 lower interest rate for buyers of manufactured homes.

Marc has an MBA from the University of New Hampshire and a BS Biology degree from Tufts University. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
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Ashok Subramanian
Global Software Business andTechnology Executive with an incomparable history of catapulting innovative technology-based products and solutions into sustainable growth, propelling multimillion-dollar revenue gains, and generating traction in highly competitive international markets.

Successful in delivering complex, high volume transaction platforms, cloud and technology roadmaps in public, high growth, and start-up companies across high tech,process manufacturing, financial services, ecommerce, and US Federal, and State agencies.

Growth architect who leverages emerging technical expertise and worldmarket knowledge, along with customer pain points to form and release collaborative solutions on time, under budget, leveraging the cloud.

Specialized in blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI/ML andexcelling in the FinTech, Life Sciences, and Insurance Tech domain.
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Monir Mamoun – MS Economics, Yale – Built our tech platform, tech and start-up expert

Len Mills – PhD Economist, CFQ, CFA, Career in Risk Management at FNMA

Damien Weldon – MS quant, Oxford – HPI and Business Development expert

Bill Wray – MBA, seasoned executive banker

Wally Dwyer – MBA, seasoned executive banker

John Cyr – seasoned executive banker