1. Customers first.  Laser focus on the customer will drive success.
  2. Trust is the coin of the realm.  Trust is not freely given; it is earned.  We will strive to earn each other’s trust.
  3. Teamwork and team harmony are paramount.  Personal respect is also earned.  We will strive to earn each other’s respect and treat each other respectfully.  Acknowledging that humans are naturally political animals, we will strive to limit internal politics for the sake of team harmony.
  4. We are a smart, creative start-up and strive toward delivering optimal solutions in all that we do.  This is a key competitive advantage.
  5. We are impassioned by the societal good we will deliver.  Our passion is another key competitive advantage. Because of our passion, we will proceed at full throttle toward our mission; no half-measures.
  6. Effective communication is key to productivity.  We will strive to communicate frequently, openly and responsively, stressing responsively – even if it’s just to say something like “I’m busy right now and I’ll get back to you later today.”
  7. Although it is not always easy, we strive to put the company’s interest (and all of our interests) ahead of what we perceive as our own personal interest.
  8. We strive to be fair in all of our business dealings.  Reputation is everything.
  9. While we always strive to maximize shareholder wealth, we are not greedy.  Greed destroys individuals and companies.
  10. Although this is serious business, let’s have fun!  While personal enjoyment and satisfaction are intrinsically worthy objectives, they also drive team productivity.