Who We Are

HDC is the inventor of the disruptive new field of Home Diversification, enabling homeowners for the first-time-ever to diversify their largest, most concentrated asset – their home.

We have assembled a highly talented and experienced management team and group of advisors to deliver on this new concept. Home Diversification has general concept support from leading academic experts and economists, including a Nobel Laureate.

While we are proud of our work and the team assembled, we are driven by our desire to serve the customer by addressing the long-standing issues of affordability and making homeownership a reality for more consumers, especially those that have been traditionally underserved, such as minorities and lower-income populations.

Bottom line, we are socially responsible at our core and take our responsibility of serving the public seriously.

We encourage you to take a moment to read about our Guiding Principles (click button below), as they speak directly to who we are as a company.



Our Product

Our product, the Home Diversification Mortgage (HDM) – is a first-of-its-kind Ultra Low-Down Payment/No PMI at any FICO Score Mortgage. The HDM saves homeowners $100+ each month in their mortgage payment. It is set to transform the home finance industry.  

The HDM guarantees homeowners’ national home price appreciation, enabling then to nationally diversify the value risk on their homes – typically their single largest investment.

This astounding diversification benefit, termed “the only free lunch in Economics,” helps protects their precious “nest egg” and nearly eliminates their foreclosure risk, enabling them to remain in their home even during tough times.

Importantly, lenders will enjoy the benefit of a 98%+ reduction in their mortgage credit risk.

Overall, nearly 2/3rds of surveyed homeowners are interested in this product.