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Welcome to Home Diversification Corp


We are the creator of the home diversification concept. And developer of the Home Diversification Mortgage (HDM)

This revolutionary product guarantees national home price appreciation to the homeowner, while providing a first-of-its-kind Ultra Low-Down Payment/No PMI at Any FICO Score Mortgage. This mortgage actually addresses the long-standing issue of affordability, as it saves the borrower $100+ on their monthly mortgage payment.

The Home Diversification Mortgage delivers PEACE OF MIND to homeowners by providing the protection of diversification for their largest asset – their home. It substantially eliminates their risk of home value loss and foreclosure, which helps them maintain their all-important “nest egg” and keeps them in their home even during tough times.

The HDM can be especially beneficial to groups that have been unfairly neglected in the past, such as minorities and low-income families.

While our focus is homeowners, the Home Diversification Mortgage provides tangible benefit to the major players in the home finance industry – banks and non-bank lenders, as well as the GSEs. It supplants the need for traditional credit enhancement, such as PMI and FHA, eliminating 98%+ of their mortgage credit risk.

HDM Represents the Future of Residential Mortgages

It provides greater affordability to borrowers by saving them monthly and reducing their risk of default, while enabling lenders the ability to expand loan volume and serve tens of millions more Americans. This ensures an overall stable home financing market here and abroad.

We fully believe the HDM will transform the home finance and homeownerships markets in the U.S. and globally. The result – booms within the global housing markets and economies – delivering new global prosperity.

That’s good for everyone…






The Home Diversification Mortgage directly addresses the long-standing issue of affordability, making homeownership a reality for tens of millions more in the U.S. and abroad.

The HDM provides millions of homeowners the never-before-available benefit of an Ultra Low-Down Payment/No PMI Mortgage with Any FICO Score, saving them an average of $100 per month. And it guarantees them national home price appreciation, while virtually eliminating their foreclosure risk.

The HDM should prove especially beneficial to groups that have been unfairly neglected in the past, such as minorities and low-income families.

In the future it will  provide a mortgage payment protection feature for events such as job loss, disability, death, divorce, etc., which helps keep the homeowner in their home during times of financial distress.

Additional future benefits include a feature that will allow customers to retain upside appreciation while providing downside (underperformance) protection, as well as a feature that will eliminate the customer’s monthly home insurance payment.


The HDM provides bank or non-bank originators with a differentiated product not available elsewhere. A product that virtually eliminates their mortgage credit risk, In fact, the HDM protects 100% of mortgage value as compared to 30-40% by PMI, at a fraction of the cost

How important is this differentiation? What consumer will purchase a “low-down” mortgage requiring monthly PMI fees and a generally higher interest rate when they can purchase an Ultra Low-Down Payment/No PMI Mortgage with Any FICO Score product that saves them an average of $100+ monthly and guarantees them national home price appreciation, as well as the myriad future HDM benefits?

Additionally, this differentiated product will allow a participating originator to hold ultra-low risk, high LTV mortgages on balance sheet or sell mortgages to securitization or through direct placement to financial institutions.

Most importantly, originators stand to benefit from a very substantial increase in originations volume (new and refi) and all-important market share.

It’s a no brainer – any originator will sell the product every homeowner will demand, providing them with an extraordinary competitive advantage over their competitors.